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The Church Revitalisation Project is a multi-year pathway to help local churches grow.


Since launching in 2016, 60 churches have started the process. 

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Churches started Church Revitalisation

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The Church Revitalization Project can help:


  • Dwindling congregations

  • Ageing congregations

  • Congregations lacking younger members

  • Congregations lacking leaders

Since launching in 2016, 60 churches have been through the process.

The Church Revitalisation Project uses Revelation ch2-3 as its inspiration. Six reasons why revitalisation is great.

  1. Grows us in our love for Jesus

  2. Builds on the past

  3. Often establishes a multi-generational congregation

  4. Empowers forgotten believers

  5. Values marginalised communities

  6. Uncovers hidden gospel frontiers


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The pathway involves an advisor working with you for an initial 2-3 years.


Where required the pathway can involve a part-funded worker to develop the growth of churches.


The Church Revitalisation Project involves advisors from experts in church properties: Church Growth Trust; GLO who grow mission focused churches in Europe and Counties. 


When elderly leaders struggle with challenges and change, this project aims to listen. 


Since we launched the project, we have been privileged to work with a number of churches and to watch them grow and develop. Some people only think about “revitalisation” when it’s too late and they have already become too small and weak to be revitalised.  They require resuscitation or resurrection!  We have improved the booklet because we think it’s better to encourage churches to engage with the project at an earlier stage.  We want to speak to them when they have problems but can still see a way through them. When addressed through our Church Health Checks and mentoring inputs, that church can begin a whole new journey of revitalisation.

Giles Arnold, Chief Executive at CGT and Chairman of the Revitalisation Operations Team

“For us, it is not so much about starting new things, as building a team for the future, futureproofing our church against what was a dwindling and ageing congregation. Without the clarity that a health check brings, the mentoring and, in HIC’s case, the hands-on support from the project, our future would not be looking so positive.” 

Mark Davies is an Elder at one of Church Growth Trust’s properties, Highgate International Church (HIC) London, and the Regional Training Director for GLO, one of Counties’ partners on this project.

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  • What does my church get for Scheme Membership?
    Unlimited team access to: The Neighbourhood Chaplains Training Course so any new Team members can be trained Neighbourhood Chaplains branded Uniform purchases Fantastic range of Neighbourhood Chaplains branded greeting cards for purchase. Each with a printed greeting and space to add your own details. Gospel Tracts, contact cards and books to give away Access for the Team Leader to: Counties Support Team to develop required policies and procedures before launch An annual updating service for your Team Handbook A private forum to solve the real day-to-day problems you're facing On confirmation of standing order payment, the Team will be given a unique user and password to our website members area for members-only resources and purchases. And the Team Leader will be invited to join the private forum and access the Counties Support Team.
  • How do I log in to the Scheme Members area?
    When you register, we will send you a user and password. Keep that login and use it to access the members area.
  • Can I transfer my Scheme Membership to another church?
    We would love it if you could, but use is for the church registered only. If you want to invite some other church in place of you, contact the Counties support team directly via email and we'll set it up that way. Please allow 48hrs for response Mon-Fri.
  • My question isn't on your list
    We'd love to help. Just send us an email or call us. Our helpful little team will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within 48hrs Mon-Fri.
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