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  • Open to all denominations / streams. Not ‘owned’ by anyone.

  • A collaboration of experienced church planters in the UK and Ireland, investing into people who are pursuing the mission of God with a vision to begin new local churches

  • M4 UK and Ireland is led by Luiz Cardoso, Regional Director in collaboration with Martin Erwin (CEO, Counties UK evangelism network); Rev. John Townley (National Leader of Free Methodist Church UK and Ireland); Giles Arnold (CEO, Church Growth Trust, experts in church properties) with input, and expertise from M4 Europe Church Planting Movement

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We all believe that church planting is God's initiative and that it's Christ himself who builds His church. We believe in church growth for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The local church is still the primary tool of God to reach the UK and Ireland, where our local areas are all different. Church planting is both one of the most challenging endeavours as well as one of the most needed if we want to reach people with the Gospel.

You may have gifted potential leaders in your midst, but you don’t currently have the capacity or experience to train them. M4 UK & Ireland is willing to train leaders from your midst, under your oversight, so they can be effective in your local area.




It means a team, with leaders, creating a healthy community of faith with outreach at its heart, which reflects the biblical markers of ‘church’ in its local area.


New ‘churches’ will be in good relationship with existing local ones, and connected to national movements /networks /denominations.


M4 is a fantastic resource to equip church planters in growing small teams to develop new local community churches.


Over two and half years, M4 UK and Ireland will provide you with a range of key tools to accompany you and your teams as you journey with us and seek to plant, establish and grow communities of faith in your local area.


Is your church considering planting or revitalising in the next 5 years but lacking a lead planter, not able to lose a significant number of good people and not having enough good team members to launch?

Do you want to be inspired and informed about how other churches made their first steps?
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This is for anyone who feels called to start a new church community. You may not yet have worked out what it looks like and would benefit from learning with other like-minded people to discover how to go about it. Or you may have recently started a new church community and need training and support.

All we ask is that if you decide to explore this further, your application is supported by the leaders of your sending church.

The expected outcome of the two-year journey is that each team will start a new local church community if they have not already done so. These local churches will look different, be connected to different church streams, but share the same DNA consisting of the great commission: a multiplying evangelistic local church that glorifies God and impacts society.



Our aim is to provide a safe space where you can grow and develop as a team.  We want to provide you and your team with some useful tools you need to form new local churches. Church planters will assemble a small team of people and join with a number of other teams to form a Learning  Community that will grow together as they explore the tools they need as they plant and establish new church communities. 

M4 offers a learning pathway with learning based on four themes using the great commission as a framework.

M4 uses the Great Commission as a framework for training: 


  • Leading and Teams: Master: All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus.

  • Evangelism and Mission: Therefore, go...

  • Discipling and Multiplication: Make disciples of all nations, teaching and baptising them.

  • Growth and Movement: Jesus said, 'I am with you always, to the very end of the age.'


This process is designed to be lightweight and can be done alongside church and a busy life.


Over the two and half years, we anticipate each six months will include:

  • attendance at one learning community (two days - usually Friday and Saturday);

  • engage with online learning (5-8hrs);

  • have coaching meetings (3-4hrs);

  • have a supervision meeting with an M4 UK and Ireland leader (1hr).

Each Learning Community will include eating together, worship, input, reflection and team time; reflecting on the input and working together discussing plans for your new church community.


There will also be space for social time and the development of relationships. Plus, a full learning programme, including time together in worship and prayer.

Counties evangelism CEO Martin_edited.jpg
"We're delighted to bring this successful training process to the UK and Ireland. We believe that church planting is God's initiative and that it's Christ himself who builds His church. Therefore the authority of the Bible is essential for the content and message of the M4 Process. We want to see a multiplying movement of missional churches, leaders with a Kingdom mentality that seek relationships first and are open to changes and improvement when they walk into the future together with God and His church."

Martin Erwin, CEO Counties

I am excited by the prospect of a strong relationship with M4 as we need a vehicle for training church planters and their teams. M4 resonates deeply with me as I love the method of training the church planter and the team together, formulating the action plan and a coach holding them accountable to their own action plan. Also, the four Ms are values that we in the Free Methodist Church wholeheartedly hold to.

Rev. John Townley, National Leader of Free Methodist Church UK & Ireland.

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M4 Team Process Preview Course

  • What does my church get for Scheme Membership?
    Unlimited team access to: The Neighbourhood Chaplains Training Course so any new Team members can be trained Neighbourhood Chaplains branded Uniform purchases Fantastic range of Neighbourhood Chaplains branded greeting cards for purchase. Each with a printed greeting and space to add your own details. Gospel Tracts, contact cards and books to give away Access for the Team Leader to: Counties Support Team to develop required policies and procedures before launch An annual updating service for your Team Handbook A private forum to solve the real day-to-day problems you're facing On confirmation of standing order payment, the Team will be given a unique user and password to our website members area for members-only resources and purchases. And the Team Leader will be invited to join the private forum and access the Counties Support Team.
  • How do I log in to the Scheme Members area?
    When you register, we will send you a user and password. Keep that login and use it to access the members area.
  • Can I transfer my Scheme Membership to another church?
    We would love it if you could, but use is for the church registered only. If you want to invite some other church in place of you, contact the Counties support team directly via email and we'll set it up that way. Please allow 48hrs for response Mon-Fri.
  • My question isn't on your list
    We'd love to help. Just send us an email or call us. Our helpful little team will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within 48hrs Mon-Fri.
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