TEAM is a gap year training programme for those who desire a rich experience of evangelism with a passion to make Jesus known. Counties offers you an opportunity to explore and develop your gifts - to be involved in evangelism and supporting mission - encouraging you towards ministry in the local church.

TEAM is run in association with Firstserve. 



TEAM is a training programme, primarily for 18-25 year olds seeking to take a year out of study or work to explore God’s leading, with an emphasis on practical engagement, mission training and discipleship.

"TEAM is a truly wonderful, eye-opening, and steep learning curve of a training programme!."

Lizzie Bell



There are three key elements to the programme:

  1. Practical hands-on training experiences

  2. Structured study and training days

  3. Discipleship

TEAM will provide you with a discipleship and missions programme to equip you for ministry in the local church.



You could go on to life as an evangelist, youth worker, overseas mission or other full-time ministry. TEAM could offer a springboard to theological training or a time to develop skills while planning your next steps for university or work. Whatever your future holds, this programme will help you discover more about yourself and help to shape that future, where making Jesus known becomes integral.


The Programme

Practical hands-on training experience - Most of your time will be engaged in evangelistic ministry alongside Counties evangelists. You will observe, learn, plan, and lead as your skills, knowledge and experience develop. Opportunities will involve placement with each of our schools' resources and work with other TEAM students on Missions Weeks. You will experience cross-cultural mission as well, engaging with a variety of people from all walks of life (in the UK or overseas). You will be placed in a local church which will be your central place of support, fellowship and encouragement. The local church will make arrangements for your food and accommodation whilst on placement there.

Structured study and training days - Students will spend four weeks at Tilsley College taking part in lectures and the full life of the college. The aim of this time is to establish a solid theological grounding for mission and evangelistic work. Throughout the year, students will take part in training days designed to develop skills, knowledge and experience in a number of areas. The core modules that students complete are:

Schools ministry; Children's ministry; Evangelistic preaching; Open air ministry; Leading teams and training others; Christ and Culture; Introduction to apologetics; Methods of evangelism; The mission of God and your Church

Discipleship - Students will complete a self-directed discipleship course. There will be set reading throughout the year with exercises designed to help you to reflect on your learning. There is one day a week set aside for this.



"TEAM has taught me how to put training into practice and engage with the church and the wider community. The training that is provided on the course is to a very high standard and is something that I will continue to use on completion of the program. TEAM has taught me that there are many ways that we can serve the church all we need to do is to give them a go. All of the Counties staff members and training personnel have been approachable and very supportive in equipping me as I seek to serve the Lord.

Tom Binding

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