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Preview course is free and on-demand


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M4 Team Process - Preview

M4 Team Process - Preview
M4 Team Process - Preview

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Preview course is free and on-demand

M4 Online Courses

About the Programme and FAQs

What is the M4 Team Process?

M4 Team Process is a tool that helps church plant teams explore important issues they face during the entire church planting process. From the first moment you start carrying a vision of starting a new fellowship to when you have your new church around you, M4 helps you turn your dream into reality.

Is the M4 Team Process preview course on-demand?

This preview course is available to you 24/7 for six months.

Is the M4 Team Process preview course designed for individuals?

This preview primarily seeks to introduce individuals to the team ethos of the process.

  • Lead Planters
  • Prospective Team members
  • Sending Church Leaders
  • Denominational executives 

Individuals like these will benefit from the gospel principles highlighted. All the examples focus on church leadership issues. This is primarily because most speakers are sharing their own experiences.   

What do I get?

The preview course is actually the first module of the full M4 Team Process course, so you are receiving:

  • Unlimited access 
  • Preparation for a healthy team who clearly understand the gospel, the vision, the values and the culture of the church plant
  • Four units of progression with 21 videos no longer than 15 minutes each. Ideal to binge-watch or review at your leisure with your journal

In each unit, you will be introduced to learning goals, listen to three teachings and one interview. After each teaching, you will be asked to respond to a quick reflective question. The purpose of this reflection is for you to check if and what you have retained from the teaching. Each unit will also end with a team assignment. 

How to access the course?

  1. Register yourself at for a free ticket and we will send your login details within 5 working days Mon-Fri.
  2. Enter your login user and password and click “Login”
  3. Scroll down to the Course content and click on your next section

How do I get access to the rest of the M4 Team Process?

You can receive the other units in the Team Process, M2, M3 and M4 by preparing your team well for the M4 Team Process.

  • Make sure things are clear with your sending church / denomination / mother church (expectations, support, roles etc.)
  • Register your lead planter(s) for the M4 Assessment Panel
  • Mobilise a Prayer Support Group
  • Recruit more people on your church planting team
  • Register your Team to receive M4 Training through the Learning Community in the coming two years.
  • Identify your team’s M4 Coach and other supporting roles

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  • M4 Team Process preview

    Unlimited access to M1 for six months




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