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Neighbourhood Chaplains aims to equip and encourage a church team to reach out to people in their local communities with the gospel. We connect churches with communities in new ways. We help tackle loneliness through befriending, and offer practical help towards meeting our neighbour’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Does your church want to find out more about setting up Neighbourhood Chaplains in your area?

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The Bible encourages us to go out and visit people in the community, whilst the media tells us there are many needs in society today, including loneliness and isolation.

Neighbourhood Chaplains offers a model of outreach ministry which helps a church go out and meet a recognised need. It’s an opportunity to offer practical, spiritual and emotional support in local communities.

Church Volunteers can choose to be involved in three roles:

  • lead chaplains: first contact 

  • befrienders:  a regular ‘friend’ 

  • helping hands team: a practical help

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Through training and scheme relationship, churches are equipped to::

  • Make contact with new people in the community

  • Deepen community links opening opportunities for the Gospel

  • Offer practical support and help to those in need

What you get for Team Training 
Minimum team size 3-4

During the two-module training course, Team members will learn:

● The Aims of the scheme

● Biblical models for mission 

● Understanding the gospel 

● Listening skills

● How people come to faith

● How to share faith confidently and appropriately 

● How to pray and network more effectively

● Safe practice

The programme also includes Delegate's Workbooks and sample tracts.


If you want to launch your scheme, a Team Handbook giving guidance and procedures for your sponsoring church is provided on becoming a Scheme church.

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"There is no greater gift than giving someone your time... Neighbourhood Chaplains is a brilliant opportunity for outreach within our community. It gives an open door to talk about ‘things that really matter’. I would encourage anyone with some free time to make a difference in the community and get their church involved with this amazing initiative."

Beverley Bedford, Former Counties Training Officer

"Neighbourhood Chaplains has the potential to be the single most significant way for your local church to connect with your community, particularly with those who are lonely and hurting. It brings together acts of love and kindness with the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus."

Martin Erwin, CEO Counties

Cinnamon Network recommends Neighbourhood Chaplains because we "offer best practice, tried and tested initiatives that churches can replicate easily and quickly."

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Upcoming Training

  • What does my church get for Scheme Membership?
    Unlimited team access to: The Neighbourhood Chaplains Training Course so any new Team members can be trained Neighbourhood Chaplains branded Uniform purchases Fantastic range of Neighbourhood Chaplains branded greeting cards for purchase. Each with a printed greeting and space to add your own details. Gospel Tracts, contact cards and books to give away Access for the Team Leader to: Counties Support Team to develop required policies and procedures before launch An annual updating service for your Team Handbook A private forum to solve the real day-to-day problems you're facing On confirmation of standing order payment, the Team will be given a unique user and password to our website members area for members-only resources and purchases. And the Team Leader will be invited to join the private forum and access the Counties Support Team.
  • How do I log in to the Scheme Members area?
    When you register, we will send you a user and password. Keep that login and use it to access the members area.
  • Can I transfer my Scheme Membership to another church?
    We would love it if you could, but use is for the church registered only. If you want to invite some other church in place of you, contact the Counties support team directly via email and we'll set it up that way. Please allow 48hrs for response Mon-Fri.
  • My question isn't on your list
    We'd love to help. Just send us an email or call us. Our helpful little team will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within 48hrs Mon-Fri.

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